Why You Might Need Help for Web Development

Web development involves several disparate elements coming together to create a singular user experience

Whether you’re looking to create a website from scratch or you just need a few changes made to your existing site, the prospect of web coding and design may overwhelm you. After all, it involves several disparate elements coming together to create a singular user experience. If one of those elements isn’t working, then it could negatively affect the whole site.

Hiring a professional to worry over the details may seem like the easy answer, but it’s not that simple. Outsourcing web development can be expensive and confusing. It’s hard to know who you should be hiring for what tasks and how much to pay them.

DIY Web Development Pros and Cons

Is it worth the time to DIY your website?

Let’s start with the question of outsourcing. Should you seek outside help for your project or should you attempt to tackle it on your own?

Outsourcing Pros

  • Get the skills and expertise of a professional.
  • Have more options to customize your site.
  • Benefit from a trained eye to design a more appealing site.
  • Save time.

DIY Pros

  • Save money.
  • This could also save you time if the fix is minor enough.

Unless your needs are extremely limited, it makes sense to outsource your web development needs. Although there are more tools out there to help people build their own sites, those tools are limited in functionality and still take time to learn and use, which itself translates into money for the busy small business owner.

Understanding Who You’re Hiring

As if all this weren’t complicated enough, there’s also a variety of disciplines that could lend themselves to your needs. Understanding the difference between web developers, designers, and more could save you time and money down the road.

  • Graphic designers focus on the aesthetics and front-end navigability of your site. In other words, these are the people who design buttons, logos, layouts, and more. They are not traditionally programmers and likely lack the necessary skills to create or fix a functioning website.
  • Web developers are on the opposite end of the spectrum. They have the necessary coding skills to build a website that works. However, they may not have the design chops required to make that website appealing and easy to explore. Web develops often come in two flavors: front-end and back-end developers. Front-end developers implement web designs and are generally more concerned with the part of the website that users see. Back-end developers focus more on functionality, including speed. Some developers deal with both, but depending on your needs, you may want someone who specializes.
  • Web designers play an in-between role. They are the jack-of-all-trades of the web development world, having a hand both in design and some coding. However, they are not likely to be as skilled at coding as your standard web developer.

Any of these options cold serve you well, depending on your budget and specific needs.

Preparing to Hire Outside Help

Take a moment to define your goals.

Before you set out looking for a web developer or designer, you need to identify your specific needs and figure out exactly what you are looking to accomplish. Ask yourself the following questions to more clearly define your goals:

  • Am I looking to build a website from the ground up or adjust an existing site?
  • Can I choose to outsource only part of the project? Which part?
  • If I’m not looking for a ground-up build, what problem am I looking to solve for my existing project? Is it front-end or back-end? Is it aesthetic or functional?

Next, consider your budget. Can you afford to hire multiple specialized freelancers or is it more suitable to find a versatile individual? Once you understand exactly what you need and what you can afford, you can more efficiently find your solution.

Why an Agency is the Way to Go

Depending on your needs, it may make the most sense to go with a web development agency. Agencies can cover all of your needs from front-end design to back-end coding. They often provide other handy services as well.

While an agency may be more expensive than hiring a single freelancer, it’s typically less expensive than hiring multiple freelancers. What’s more it guarantees a certain level of expertise, professionalism, and consistency of vision. With the help of an agency like Acefisher, you’ll have everything you need to build an attractive and high-functioning website.  

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