Why a Small Business Might Need Video Marketing

marketing provides increased opportunities for engagement and convertion

You’re just getting the hang of content marketing, and now you’re being told that your carefully scheduled blog isn’t enough – not if you want to stay competitive in the current digital marketing landscape.

If you’re like many small business owners, you’re understandably resistant to the idea of video marketing. After all, it’s an unknown quantity, and you are justifiably concerned that your budget can’t handle video production and the development of a new content strategy.

But it’s time to embrace the new and realize that video marketing provides increased opportunities for engaging and converting readers. If you don’t want to fall behind your competitors, then don’t be last to embrace the next generation of online content development.

Grab Customers’ Attention

Video can help grab people’s attention.

It should come as no surprise that videos more easily grab and keep website visitors’ attention. According to Koozai, 80% of people polled remember the video ads they view online. This could be in part due to the visual nature of videos. However, many marketing agency experts argue that videos inspire greater emotional reactions in viewers than does written content. This leads to a greater emotional reaction to your organization as a whole.

Reacher a Wider Audience

Target a wide range of audiences.

Videos cater to a wide range of ages. It’s easier to target multiple age groups with one video than with one blog post. This makes it easier to reuse content if your target audience shifts.

Videos are also well-suited to targeting mobile users, as they tend to view videos for longer than do desktop users. Why target mobile users? Simply put, mobile users are likely actively seeking goods or services in your area. By targeting them you grab them at their moment of need and increase your chances of converting them into clients.

Improve SEO

Video can boost your search engine traffic.

Videos will boost your SEO rankings in Google. In fact, according to Martech, they can boost those rankings by 53 times. If that weren’t enough, videos also provide refined feedback to help you better optimize them. You can more easily measure click through and drop off rates and even tell how many times the video was viewed.

Educate Customers

Provide valuable content to your visitors.

Potential and existing customers want to know you’re an authority in your field. The best way to assure them of that is to stop selling every once in a while, and start teaching. Provide valuable content to your web visitors and they will come back for more, leading to more traffic and higher conversion rates. This will also serve to boost your visibility and your brand across your industry.

How much is this valuable new marketing tool likely to set you back? Video marketing is not as expensive as it once was. In fact, video production rates and styles are so varied that they provide a flexible budget, even if you choose to outsource your video marketing needs to a content agency. At the end of the day, the question is no longer why or whether you need video marketing; it’s how you will make it work for your business.

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